Apr. 18th, 2016

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characters i would or do actively play right now...

» daryl dixon
(the walking dead)
currently active in [community profile] teleios
open post here

» han solo
(star wars)
plays in [community profile] thisavrou
open post here

see also:
[personal profile] scruffier [tfa]
[personal profile] ephidrosis [courtship lulz]
[personal profile] dadsolo [modern au]

» isaak sirko
plays in [community profile] teleios, crau from [community profile] poly_chromatic
open post here

» brian moser
previously in [community profile] poly_chromatic & marinanova @ ij
open post here

see also:
[personal profile] all_he_saw [young]
[personal profile] phantom_limbs [post-death]

» neil perry
(dead poets society)
played through [community profile] poly_chromatic endgame, mostly available as that crau.
open post here

see also:
[personal profile] girls_at_welton [63]
[personal profile] to_live_deep [older]

» frankie dalton
available as [community profile] poly_chromatic au or post-cure canon.
open post here

see also:
[personal profile] good_at_this [vampire]
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characters i may or may not be able to pull out for memes &c...

» merle dixon
(the walking dead)

» aziraphale
(good omens)

» lwaxana troi
(star trek: tng)

» gabriel
(the prophecy iii)

» gareth
(the walking dead)

» john
(john dies at the end)

» aeriel
(the darkangel trilogy)

» number one
(star trek: tos)

» fox mulder
(the x-files)

» amarthiel aurefion
(world of warcraft [oc])

» jerome eugene morrow

» j alfred prufrock
(the love song)

» tansy

» nicholas d. wolfwood

code by barbarycoast

characters i will probably never play again for one reason or another, but hey, who knows, stranger things have happened...

creed bratton
the office [us]
[personal profile] creedthoughts

walter bishop
[personal profile] synthesizing

ian malcolm
jurassic park
[personal profile] life_uhh

peter bishop
[personal profile] dislocated

jon salter
[personal profile] some_coercion

troy dyer
reality bites
[personal profile] fifty_eggs

richard haywood
murder by numbers
[personal profile] derangetheworld

stacy warner
house m.d.
[personal profile] red_on_rice

tommy shepherd
young avengers
[personal profile] team_sociopath

patera silk
book of the long sun
[personal profile] silk_for_calde

tirion fordring
world of warcraft
[personal profile] argent_honor

allison cameron
house m.d.
[personal profile] as_damaged


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