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If only there would come a day when you would not turn from me...

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He has seen her in the biology building, whenever he comes from his classes in political science (chosen, of course, by his parents, who are political figureheads, lifetime senators with popularity ratings through the roof, and of course he will follow) when he comes to see Oriencor.

Oriencor, who sometimes he feels has ensnared him, who is maddening and bewitching but recently tiresome and difficult to please, who he is almost thinking he should unshackle from. She was something forbidden, once, in a life where nothing forbidden has ever been accessible, and she taught him everything about how to please a woman and nothing on how to love one.

He knows, too, that she is Roshka's twin. Roshka is a year younger than he is, but they have a lecture together and they've studied together, and he knows that Roshka's twin is named Aeriel and that she studies bizarre subsets of marine ecology, like she's going to keep the world in place.

Today he sits and waits outside of Oriencor's office, and sees her pass by. She catches a glimpse of him, that's all it takes, and she's tripping over herself, sprawling on the ground, and he gets up a moment too late. "Are you all right?"
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Eoduin, who he knows, in a fashion, who along with other girls has followed him around. Some of them are brazen - they kiss him in the back of crowded, sweaty rooms, press their bodies against his and try to illicit a response, and he is only as human has he has been made to be, so there are ofttimes that he kisses back and tells Oriencor later. Oriencor smiles at that, a sharp, razorlike smile, twisting the edges of her mouth and makes Irrylath wonder what he is doing with a woman who pleases herself on how much her lover is wanted by other women.

But now he is here with a girl who stumbles at the sight of him, and he knows why she does so and says nothing to embarrass her further, although there is a curve to his mouth, too, a slight smile there. It's not just that it's flattering, that there is something pleasing about it, it's that she doesn't truly seem to realize anything about herself that is attractive.

"Good," he says, softly, and leans down to pick up a dropped text, and hand it back to her. Before he lets it go, however, he finds himself asking, "are you late to class?"

Maybe he does this to further the joy of making her nervous, or for another reason, one he doesn't wholly understand yet.
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He releases the book. He has heard of Dr. Talb, and he has heard many stories - he is not Oriencor's thesis adviser but he sits on her committee and she scoffs at him, calls him traditional and sentimental, says he refuses true progress in their field. She hates him in a pure kind of way.

She looks a little less like a frightened animal now, more like a woman, and so he rises. She is a small thing, reaching the top of his shoulder with her head, and he thinks he could pick her up and carry her anywhere he wished. It's an odd thought, one that he sets aside almost right away. There is no value in those thoughts, nothing to gain from thinking them.

And he smiles at her.

It is a true smile, one that speaks volumes of his character. "Would you mind if I accompanied you? You're Aeriel, right?" He says her name quietly, the timbre of his voice low pitched so she is the only one who hears him. He will offer her his arm, if she says yes, although it's old-fashioned, but no one would comment on it. Irrylath, in a way, is beyond reproach. "I'm Irrylath," he tells her, but it's manners and not necessity - he knows that she knows who he is.
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She is not what he expected, either. Roshka is so friendly, so well-liked by all, a natural politician in that regard. Irrylath knows that he will be commended on the strength of his character, his beauty, and his bloodlines, but Roshka is so aggressively charismatic that it speaks to anyone who sees him. "He is a good man, your brother," Irrylath says, and they pass by Oriencor's door. No one flies out, angry at his passing. They are unmolested in their venture.

She is so small. Small but her hands are rough against him, even though she can't quite feel her skin through his shirt, he can feel the rasp and the tug. She is a girl who does things herself, and it excites him, in a way. "I don't mine going out of my way," he tells her, "I have no idea when I'll be allowed back from my banishment," he adds, leaning forward just enough to catch the scent of sunlight off her hair. He may be escorting her but she is the one leading the way, through quiet hallways. Everyone in this building seems to be busy, too busy to stare at the pair of them.
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He turns his head, just so slightly, because there is a measure of manners in him, a measure that states that he needs to pay attention to whoever he is speaking to. He trusts her, then, to not lead him into anything, to not make him seem a fool or foolish.

His hand curls around her arm, twining them together.

"No crime, simply being the source of any distraction." He considers it, for a moment. He has been waiting because in a way, to Oriencor, he is a danger, something she devours in whole, consumes with all her attention. So she locks him out. He knows it is because of what he looks like, it is his beauty that causes her to treat him this way.

It is not unappealing.

"And it is wearying, to sit outside and wait for her, and I forgot my coursework."
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He tips his head, considering that. "Yes, she's rather intent. She thinks she's discovered something, some way to maintain life in a vacuum, but-" he pauses, then. "I'll be the first to admit I know almost nothing on the matter."

He takes a moment, then, and he turns. "Can I ask you a question, Aeriel?"

He thinks, if anyone knows the answer to Oriencor's obsession, if anyone has any key to the method to her madness, it is a woman who is so alike to her, in a manner. They are the same coin, one with two opposite faces.
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He shakes his head a bit, because he appreciates the honesty. "Is your work so encompassing, so enrapturing, that you would neglect all else for it? Or is that madness?"

He thinks that Roshka can testify that their line of scholarship involves much more in the way of casual contact, in projects that involve others, in learning the art of leadership. There is little of locking oneself in their work, and ignoring the rest of the world.

"Do you think that Oriencor is-" he starts, but then he stops, as if Oriencor's name has stolen his tongue.
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He attaches to that metaphor, because he swims, he has a scholarship for it despite the fact that he doesn't need it. "I do not know if I can keep breathing life back into her," he says, almost as a brush aside.

It's a difficult matter, to simply say such a thing, but Irrylath has this particular predilection, where he simply states things, where he is casual with his words. It is a merit, a display of power, in a way.

"I cannot keep breathing for her, when she pulls me with her."
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He goes quiet, then, guides her down stairs, and stands before her, a moment, his mouth twisting into a moue. "Your roommate is Eoduin, isn't it? She is a sprightly girl," he says, unsure why he says it. To see if there is a reaction. To see her jealousy, maybe, if she displays it.

He wishes a reaction from her, he wishes her to do something, and he's not sure what. It is the kind of cruel game a cat plays with a mouse, simply to see, with no regard for how the mouse might feel on the matter. It is a game of casual dealings, a game with no thought or foresight.
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He smiles just slightly, then, not enough to be bright, but the very slight smile of someone who is certain of what he thinks. She is bright, there is no jealousy in her. She is the sun where Oriencor is the blinding brilliance of a glacier, cold.

He leans in, then, and presses a kiss to her cheek, closer to her ear than to her mouth. "Are you busy tonight?"

That is all. Are you busy tonight?
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He shakes his head a bit. "I think I have interest in laying my own kingdom, rather than entertaining another's."

She is blushing and it makes her skin rosy, it makes her look young, and perhaps he is for someone young, someone more his age now, someone who will not torment him when he finds himself busy, someone who will love - or like - him at both their paces, not at simply hers.

"Are you busy tonight?"
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He tips his head a bit, and smiles then, a softer smile than usual, a smile that is less flash and more honest. "Another night. If you like."

It's a sweet, quiet moment, and he releases her, taking a step backward.
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It is a quiet evening.

Or rather, it was a quiet evening.

Irrylath was sitting quietly, when Eoduin, in a rage, burst into his apartment, slamming her tiny fists against the door right up until Irrylath opened it and held them, demanding to know why she was so furious.

And then he heard the reason, and he went to the lab, to find Aeriel.

Oriencor's wrath has never been pretty, and she heard about the date - or, rather, a night where they went out, and Irrylath paid, and smiled, and kissed her on the cheek. That was all.

He enters her laboratory and inclines his head, just so. "Aeriel."
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He comes closer, then.

He can feel his own rage, not quite cold like Oriencor, but licking against his stomach. He dislikes this; he mislikes all of this. Oriencor will know his disdain, and she will care in the only way that she can. But Irrylath will not care.

"Aeriel, what happened?"

He asks although he knows.
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He sits next to her. He cannot claim that he understands - this is science beyond his reckoning, his expertise is not in this but in people - but he understands Oriencor's madness in terms that are more intimate than any others.

"Aeriel, look at me."

He is trying to look at her, trying to get her attention away from the fish. "This is my fault, and you know it," he says, simply, completely.
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He is silent for a long time.

"But it is revenge for my actions, not yours," he says, and it's the truth. It was not Aeriel's fault. "I will handle this, Aeriel. I promise." He reaches for her hand, but his fingers come just close enough, and then he pauses.

"I'm sorry."
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"How can I handle her, you mean," he says. It is the eternal question, the one that comes up again and again. How do you handle Oriencor. How do you not go mad. It is not an easy question to answer, so he sits and thinks on it for a moment, pauses over it, and shakes his head.

"Once, she was not so frightening. She seemed like a treasure, one that I could never have, and so I had to have her. She seduced me. She...ensnared me." He says it like there was no choice for him in this matter, but there was, of course there was. "She has taken so much and she will take nothing more." He leans in, careful. "I will handle this matter, I promise you."
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"Harm-" he says, suddenly, his eyes wide. "I will not - I would not harm her, not ever -" he continues, and finally shakes his head. "I am not the sort of man who would hurt someone for such reasons. I will handle her. I will be clear."

There are other things that Irrylath can hold over Oriencor, other things that he knows, other things that will keep her from another moment of lashing out.
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He looks at her for a moment, and then he crosses the space between them, he kisses her on the mouth, his hand in her hair, cupping the back of her head, and then he stops, and stares.

"I'm sorry."

He says it although he's not sorry.