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Never meant to be one step down on the podium.

[ n a m e ; ] (Jerome) Eugene Morrow
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[ g a m e ; ] homeless now and probably forever

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action; | what if ed landed in gattaca universe. in eugene's backyard.

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The first thing that Edward notices when he comes to consciousness is that he's lying on concrete. Secondly, it's cold, but Ed's not sure if that's due to the ground or if it's just his dead pulse saying hi.

What had he just been doing?

Frankie called from training. A normal day at work: Hours searching and testing for results with no luck, per usual. Hunger, hunger, hunger burrowing another hole in his stomach to match the hundred others. He walked out during lunch break to grab a smoke---

But now, he's on the ground.

Ed can't help but groan, just the slightest, as he pushes himself up off the ground. Gold-eyes flash in the darkness (by luck, the darkness. Imagine if he arrived here in the daylight? Eugene could have found a nightmare), as Ed observes wherever the hell he is.

Where the hell is he?
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He turns toward where the sun would rise, closely regarding the horizon of black night in order to make some assessment of time. His watch is cracked. Two hours til sunlight? Less? More? The uncertainty makes the animal in him antsy and uncomfortable, and so when he finds himself at Eugene's front door, he's not sure who made the decision. The vampire? Himself?

But there's nowhere else in sight, no indication of where this might be. No logic to any of this.

He rings the bell and waits.
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Oddly trusting, whoever this is. Actually, it's downright stupid to invite a stranger in, but given the unusual circumstance of his arrival - who isn't to say this man, woman isn't expecting him? But Ed chides himself for the thought. He hasn't given in to such flights of fancy since he was ten years old and playing space rangers in the backyard with his little brother. Expecting him? What is this? A horror movie? Clearly, the owner must just be overly trusting.

Ed steps in and surveys the room. Nice, minimalistic, and brighter than the usual vampire home. He checks the windows and notes that none of them seem to have usual sunscreens. Strange.

"Hello," he bellows, Ed's voice echoing in the entryway. After checking the downstairs rooms for no signs of (un)life, he finally creeps toward the staircase. Looking up the spiraling staircase, Ed takes an apprehensive step, then another, and another until he's at the top.

"Is anyone here?" (Obviously someone is here.) "I need some help!"
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Well, that explains it. Mistaken identity. Whoever that is must have been expecting someone else, which now makes this encounter about 100 times more awkward. Nevertheless, he heads to where the voice must be emanating from, though Eugene's body heat and beating heart lead as clear of a cookie crumb trail. At the door frame of the room, he stops.

"You're mistaken," he explains grimly, "I'm not the person you think I am."
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"My name is Edward."

Hunger like claws scratch in the pit of hist stomach. This is the closest Ed has been to a live human in years, and his eternally famished body recognizes that as well. So he stays there, by the door frame, not daring to step forward. The light of an adjacent lamp drowns out the sharp yellow of his eyes, though not the deathly pallor of his skin.

"I'm sorry to enter your home like this," he says, "But can you tell me where I am?"
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Eugene wheeling forward has Edward stepping backward, steeling himself against the want that floods every cell of his body. The man with pretty blue eyes smells delicious, and the closer he gets, the more redolent it gets. Ed sucks in a ragged, unnecessary breath, attempting to center himself before he replies. To Eugene, perhaps he looks like a man in pain.

"Where am I?"

This man is saying things that make no sense, but figuring out where he is is the most urgent question.. A doppelganger? The ravings of a madmen, for all he knows. Then again, it makes more sense to consider this all a delusion born from his own starvation.
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One step back.

He glances to the side, knowing very well that once he looks at the man, he won't be looking anywhere else but that throbbing artery on his neck. In a world like this, what idiot of a human would let a stranger into his home, when the chance of it being a predator is 1 out of 1. What human wouldn't be on the run?

"T'm not sick," he brushes Eugene off, the feigned indifference on the tongue doing little to hide his lie, "Tell me where I am. State, town, country. Tell me where I can find Bromley Pharmaceuticals"

Ed can't believe these words are coming from his mouth. Really. He might as well posit that he's in a different world.

"I won't hurt you."

In case Eugene is worried about being eaten or something.
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"That can't be. I was there just a half hour ago. Bromley Pharmaceuticals. New York City."

If this man isn't going to help him, then the smart thing would be to leave. Leave before there's a murder on his lips, one that would stain his conscience for an eternity. And that's not even a hyperbole.

Ed steps back again, but this time with every intention of leaving the room.
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In the darkness of the hallway, Edward's eyes flash a disconcerting gold. The monster has had enough of its conscience's pitiful tug-of-war, and thus has usurped its lesser servant. The monster stamps out all sense and control, replacing the doctor's thoughts with the deranged symphony of Eugene's pulse thrumming in his ears. The lull of it pulls him now forward, and he takes a step toward the cripple, the first step in a chain of motions that may lead to Eugene's death.

He says nothing.
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If Eugene is expecting words from the vampire, then he's quite mistaken. A predator doesn't have reason or time for conversation, when his sole objective is to set his teeth against that warm fount of blood. Edward's movements, while not graceful, have a force behind them that transcends the everyday motions of the human form. Powerful, strange.

In a split second, Edward dives toward the other man, knocking him out of his chair and onto the floor in a noisy clatter. The way he pins down his prey is rough and ungainly, burrowing an elbow into Eugene's stomach, legs locked against the other's useless lower limbs. Edward presses his fingers against the crook of Eugene's neck, twisting it to the side to bare the flesh. Teeth hover inches away from a familiar artery, close enough that Eugene must feel Ed's breath and the slightest pinpricks of those tiny teeth.

"No," he growls, "No, No, No--"

Just as suddenly as he came down, he rips himself off of the man, staggering backwards. Edward's thoughts and senses collide in a sudden paroxysm that has him cradling his head and taking unnecessary, heavy breaths.

"No," he repeats once again, this time the word coming out as a broken sob.
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action| did someone say they were having a bad day

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There is something pathetic about attacking a man who can barely defend himself. Ed feels more like a vulture than a predator, but overall he feels sick, like there's poison pushing through his veins; cold blood flooding cold veins buried within chilled flesh, numbing the higher senses of a mind that's already become more animal than human. More than ever, he feels like the monster he is. Because it's more than the teeth and the eyes and the skin, the virus changes you down to every snap of a neuron, down to the very nucleus of each cell.

Ed barely hears Eugene's question, head still buried in quivering hands as he takes useless breaths to calm his hunger. His teeth feel sharper, longer than ever. When he finally looks up at the cripple, perhaps they draw attention from the unnatural glint of his golden eyes.

"Mutation?" he pauses to chuckle wryly. "You mean a disease. But you know that already, don't you? There isn't anyone who wouldn't know."
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The insult hits him like a fly crashing into a brick wall. Ed has run the gamut when it comes to insulting himself, the self-derisive bastard. His fangs, longest as they've ever been, catch against the meat of his tongue tongue, and Edward tastes the slightest tang--

He's not going to growl, he's not going to growl.

"I'm a vampire." he declares, his voice hollow, exhausted. "If you weren't living in dream land, you would know that you're a minority, and that most of the world's dead."

Ed's eyes shift, if only for a moment, away from Eugene's neck, staring enviously at that packet in his hand. God, he wants a fucking cigarette.
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Judging by his tone, Eugene doesn't believe him. There is nothing more he can do to prove his case, save for showing him intimately what happens when one invites a hungry vampire into his home. It's not like Edward's fangs aren't exposed or anything. How could have gone so long without knowing, and more importantly, without being eaten?

The notion that this is another universe still escapes him.

Edward answers Eugene's request with a nod, taking hold of the chair with one hand and starting down the steps with it. The coded message is easy to parse out, as the former doctor understands the importance of pride in a situation like this; moreover, Ed's thankful that he can have a moment's reprieve from temptation. A brisk snap of water might temporarily break his fixation.

Assuming he can get the water cold enough to feel it.

"Thank you. I'll do that."