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I suppose the heart knows something that we just don’t know.

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Dewey was perfectly aware that a family vacation to Florida was a dream for many children his age, but he had gradually given up the delusion that let him join them in that hope. He knew, by now, the hand he had been dealt, and the reality was exactly as he had envisioned it; day after day crammed into the old minivan (the air conditioner of which had lasted about an hour into their trip), nights in one dingy motel after another on the road. When the argument had broken out over the cost of the motels, they opted to stop making those stops. His parents traded off driving and resting, and the boys slept whenever they would let one another. On one such occasion, he had woken up to find a piece of Reese's dirty laundry being shoved into his mouth. He hadn't slept much since.

Perhaps the greatest injustice of all was that they were not, in fact, going to Disney World. That was out of the question with their budget. Yet another motel, perhaps just a shade less dingy, lay at the end of their journey, along with public beaches, mini-golf courses, and the absolute certainty of endless public screaming matches. He wasn't sure why they had to come all the way here for any of that. Of course, upon arriving in Miami, the first thing they had to do was have lunch. Dewey lost interest in the argument earlier than the rest of the family, his attention drifting to a street performer with a violin. The violinist had caught his attention so thoroughly that he didn't even notice them move on; perhaps unsurprisingly, they didn't notice that he wasn't with them, either.

For the moment, he was the only individual on the street who had bothered to stop and appreciate the performance, standing just a few feet away and intently watching the musician's technique. The rest of the pedestrian traffic simply moved on around him.
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There is nothing about a strange man inviting him to sit at a table in a cafe that sets off any kind of warning in Dewey's head. This is because Dewey does not consider himself to be vulnerable or even entirely subject to the restrictions of reality as they are presented to him. To be fair, he's been given little reason to adapt that view.

So, of course, he comes over and takes the empty seat. "Thanks."

And, after considering for a moment, he nods in agreement with Isaak's assessment. "You know, I wouldn't have expected it of an outdoor seating area."
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Dewey's own gaze is back on the violinist, focusing intently on the fingerwork before he nods silently. He doesn't look at Isaak as he answers.

"No-- not the violin. I play piano."
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He gives a nod to Isaak's observation, but shrugs off the disappearance of his family rather readily.

"Yeah. They'll figure it out, eventually. They usually do."
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The chipper expression of gratitude in response to that freedom to order is accompanied by a rather impressive smile. Immediately, Dewey catches the attention of the next waiter to pass by.

"I'd like a chocolate sundae, please. Extra fudge on top."

He hasn't seen a menu, doesn't know for certain that they have ice cream, but fully expects this to work out for him. Why should it not? And then, back to Isaak's question.

"Yeah, pretty often. Right now, I think we could all use some time apart."
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Things had been going horribly awry since the moment Pavel Chekov and Isaak Sirko walked out of the City and into the direct aftermath of the Khan debacle. Between the destruction of a large part of San Francisco and the startling discovery that the man who had called himself Khan was not, indeed, the war mogul of a more barbaric age, but instead a follower who had taken on his leader's name, not even the leave prior to the five-year mission had been particularly restful. Chekov had spent most of his time away from the Enterprise's repairs and refits building an identity for Isaak and convincing the Chekov family that, yes, Uncle Isya had been at the previous family reunion. The crew of the Enterprise had asked far fewer questions than Pavel's biological family. In fact, Kirk had been all too eager to use Isaak's business and drink-making skills as an excuse to turn an underused rec room into a bar. The brass had taken some convincing and actually getting the Ukrainian cleared for service as a bartender was no small feat, however.

And all of that was before they were off the ground and boldly going where no one had gone before.

Once the Enterprise had cleared the Sol system at the start of its five-year mission, nothing went horribly awry for an entire two months--something of a record for Kirk and his crew. Isaak quickly made a place for himself on the ship, staying largely under the radar while making a strong, positive impression on the senior staff (due in some part to Chekov's glowing endorsements). Pavel was performing his regular duties as alpha shift navigator and chief tactical officer in addition to continuing his apprenticeship in Engineering. Somehow, the ensign managed to convince Spock to take him under his wing as a relief science officer, as well. In spite of their schedules, Isaak and Pavel found time to have the odd drink together. Chekov couldn't have spoken for Isaak, but he was grateful for the other's presence. They had been in Chekov's time for over a year now, but the two years that the ensign had spent in the City had put a distance between himself and his crew that he could neither understand nor overcome. There were things that only Isaak could be told.

After two months of what rapidly came to pass as normal on the Enterprise, Chekov was assigned to his first away mission. He was ecstatic, of course, even though the mission was to be led by Lieutenant Henderson (also known as "Cupcake" to the senior crew). It was a simple mission on paper: beam down to Gliese 667 Gamma Gamma, the only habitable planet within its triple-star system, and search for the source of nadion radiation detected by the ship's sensors. All scans indicated a planet free of sentient life, hospitable to humans, and wholly lacking in any danger whatsoever.

No Enterprise missions were ever as simple as they seemed.

It was a mess from the beginning. The original four-person away team consisting of Henderson, Chekov, Ensign Garcia from Sciences, and a lieutenant from Security, was unexpectedly supplemented by an additional security officer and Isaak. They had both been in the general vicinity of the transporters and some unexplained physical phenomenon had beamed them down with the away team. Chekov and Garcia managed to determine that a subsurface geothermal anomaly was responsible for both the nadion radiation and the transporter malfunction. Unfortunately, said anomaly made transporting back extremely risky and it rendered phasers and communicators alike unreliable.

So, fourteen months into his stay in the future, Isaak Sirko is trapped on an alien planet with five Starfleet officers, no reliable weapons, and a lieutenant who, it turns out, does not command well under pressure.

And that was before the humanoid natives, undetected due to the planet's remarkable unwillingness to cooperate with twenty-third century technology, made their presence known.
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The Enterprise's captain would agree that Isaak's service is excellent (perhaps in more ways than one), and even Spock can appreciate the logic in establishing a getaway of sorts on board--not that the Vulcan has a need to get away from work, of course. Two months in and it's as if the Ukrainian has been a member of the crew from the start. If anyone is suspicious of him and his odd arrival, they hide it well. Isaak is never in want of customers and his company is generally well-liked.

That is, his company is well-liked on the ship. Once they're planetside, Henderson makes no attempt to hide his general dismay regarding Isaak's presence, even though he has the sense to avoid saying anything direct. The security officers are similarly unimpressed with the situation, although the one who isn't supposed to be there had seemed impressed enough prior to the transporter incident. It was bad enough when they only had Garcia and Chekov (who is, in spite of the gold uniform, more of a scientist than most command-track officers) to babysit. With the unfortunate equipment malfunctions, the possibility of being stranded on the arid planet for an indeterminate length of time, the burden of three noncombatants, and life signs appearing where no life should exist, the three redshirts are decidedly agitated.

Ensign Garcia, only a few years older than Chekov, is too nervous to be unhappy about having Isaak tag along. She was assigned to the Enterprise immediately before the five-year mission began, so she isn't acclimated to the danger that tends to follow Kirk around the galaxy.

Pavel is neither distressed nor annoyed and is largely ignoring the security detail in favor of collecting data and reassuring Garcia that the only thing to be afraid of is the fact that Henderson was entrusted with a leadership role. Frankly, he would have been more than pleased to swap the lieutenant out for Isaak from the beginning. Henderson is not a particularly pleasant man or an effective leader; the away team would not have suffered from such a swap.

"This may do no good," Pavel replies lightly, also in Russian, as he hands Isaak his phaser. Isaak will make better use of it than he will should the planet's inhabitants prove hostile, assuming the weapon will work at all. "Perhaps you can club our leader with it if he becomes too unbearable."