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Fried food can kill me. A mugger can kill me. You're not so special down here.

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[Why is Death here? Well, if you were to ask him, he'd point out that technically he's everywhere by virtue of that whole, y'know, incarnate personification of the abstract concept of the termination of all existence...thing. Alternatively, it's because this place has barbecue chicken poppers, ten for two bucks with free chips on the side, and do you have any idea how hard it is to find a deal like that these days? Do you?

Spoilers: it's really hard. So far be it from Death to pass it up.

It was just supposed to be a routine stop while on his way home from visiting Morty the Death Tree, frankly. Was, up until he hit the parking lot and all of a sudden became acutely aware of Someone Else hanging out in the general vicinity--one of those people who warrants the Capital Letters because they are Pretty Important as far as the Grand Scheme Of Things is concerned.

Granted, he's Pretty Important himself, and probably the Someone Else knows it, too, even if he's riding a sickly greenish motorcycle these days instead of a pale horse.

So in he wanders, pushing open the door and making the bell jingle...after which he then stops and rattles the door a couple more times because it's a pretty pleasant jingle, and part of him is kind of hoping that the Someone Else will look up and ask for whom the (door)bell tolls, such that he can audibly and dramatically intone, IT TOLLS FOR THEE.

Because that's just cool.]
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[Oh, there he is. At the sound of the remark, Death (or Bastian, rather, he's not really here on Official Business, though he'd be the first to argue that barbecue chicken poppers are the utmost in official business) turns and zeroes in on the table, his surprisingly youthful face breaking into a wide smile.]

Hey! You look terrible, what're you doing here? Did you come for the chicken poppers? You know it's funny because people say they're to die for.

[Like an old friend, he slides into the other side of the booth and promptly makes himself at home. He's probably neither, but you know what, who's going to tell him otherwise.]

I'm pretty sure that's, you know, figurative. But you never know!
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[Had he voiced that thought aloud, Bastian might've taken personal offense to his characterization as a "thing", but objectively speaking it's at least more accurate and concise than the alternatives. "Person" isn't exactly right, and "personification" just gets wordy. "Thing" is pretty good, all things considered (pun intended), even if it does kind of remind him of disembodied hands and crusty Marvel superheroes.]

Yeah. I know how that goes. You know they tried to make me do the specter-face full time? I don't know what they were thinking, you can't pick up girls with a bony old skeleton mug.

[As if for emphasis, he flashes his Rather Handsome grin again.]

Don't worry, though, I'm off the clock right now. Only thing I'm killing is time.

[Damn, he's so witty.]
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They have pasta shaped like ninja turtles down here, too. I never get that, when people make it out like this is such a terrible place to be. I mean yeah, it's full of war and strife and obviously I'm here so that's, y'know, a super downer for some people no matter how cool I am or how you slice it. But think in the afterlives anybody's thinking up pasta shaped like ninja turtles? I'm sure the only reason why there isn't a black market trade in the stuff between here and some of those places is because having a functioning black market would kind of defeat the whole point of the nature of the afterlife in the first place.

[He sits back in the booth, regarding the man across from him with a long and careful look. That which is mortal of him would probably start to find it unnerving before long; plenty of men cheerfully look Death in the eye, but they rarely ever win staring contests with him--for good reason.]

By the way, did anybody ever tell you it really screws some of us up when your guys go around halting people's deaths, keeping people stuck between the two, forcing that really weird gray area where nobody's exactly sure who's got jurisdiction anymore? Not to mention it makes me nauseous as all get-out, but you know.
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Makes everything better, doesn't it?

[It's hard to say whether he's talking about the pasta in the can with the meatballs, or the learning to drive. Maybe it's both.]

What else would you spend infinite grace on, anyway?
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You know what they say about good intentions. I mean, supposedly. I think good intentions are usually pretty good, personally, but everybody likes to be a Debbie Downer about 'em.

[He shrugs. It's probably a little tacky to bring up the road to hell around this guy in particular, but you know what, Bastian's got about fifty plastic keychains dangling off his hot pink Razr Deathphone, so tacky sort of comes with the territory.]
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I think that's what they made my work uniform out of. Bubbling pitch and the shards of sacrificed ideals. Plus a little deep-seated abject mortal terror and I guess sort of a nice cotton lining so it doesn't chafe.

[The waitress hasn't swung by yet, which strikes him as a little odd, and so he pauses in the discussion to flag one down; one order of chicken poppers and a cherry coke later, he's back in action, reaching across the table to steal a potato chip and making very sure not to accidentally touch the guy across from him as he does so.

It wouldn't kill him outright, probably, but it might take a couple years off his borrowed life. Close brushes with Death usually do, for people.]

You think someone's gonna hold that against you, in the end?
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There was a linen shortage when they made it. Something about using it all to wrap the actual dead people. Or maybe that's just my office manager screwing with me, who knows. He does that sometimes.

[In all honesty, it's something Bastian's never thought at any great length about, what it would be like to actually...not exist. The term they use around the office is "conquered"--someone picked it up from the lingo the fundies were throwing around, and it stuck. Life ends, Death is defeated, but there's really only two ways you could ever manage to achieve that.

One's the way that he used to be apprehensive of, eons ago, back before they'd figured out that Eternity was playing them against each other--breeding fear in Life, their favored daughter, who didn't know any better than to think he wanted to snuff her out; whispering threats to his existence, reminding him that his days were numbered, that someday he'd be defeated and she would win out over him. They might still be at it, too, if he hadn't fallen in love with the girl next door who just so happened to be Her, and made it possible for everything to get straightened out without the input of Eternity in the mix.

The other is the way he's still apprehensive of, but that he figures will almost certainly never come to pass. Death can't exist without a universe to exist in, so they could get rid of him by unmaking reality and starting over. That would always do it, too.

But they probably won't, and that's kind of a downer thought to dwell on anyway.]

You know what a great place for wallowing is? Cancun. There's this great place, right on the beach, and they bring you pina coladas with the little umbrellas in 'em, like, right out of coconut shells.
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[Charlie is here because there's free wifi and one of the guys at the bar keeps sending drinks her way. She's not exactly discouraging him, but her eye's on the cute waitress who slipped her her number earlier.

This whole speed dating thing is an accident, but once she finds herself table-hopping with everyone else, it's entertaining enough to stick around. It's nice to talk to people who aren't LARPers or monster hunters sometimes, and the internet will still be there when she's had her fill of awkward conversations.

When Charlie finds herself sitting across from a guy who looks distinctly homeless, she forces a smile. So not her type in so, so many ways.]

So. You come here often?
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[Small talk, engage!]

This'd be my first time here... you could say I don't stick around anywhere long enough to become a regular. But hey, I see my reputation precedes me! If anyone told you anything bad about me, they were totally exaggerating.
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Legit. You look like a Harold.

[He's probably not a Harold. Charlie doesn't usually get to name people; she's not that good at it. She also sneaks a peek at the girl three tables up.]

Are you a mind-reader or do I just look like a lesbian named Charlie?
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Then gimme a name to work with or I'm sticking with Harold.

[Hey, wow. She leans back as well, not digging the crazy. More often than not, this kind of crazy means supernatural shenanigans. Charlie comes to places like this to avoid supernatural shenanigans.]

Okay, what are you? Demon? Angel? Leviathan? [If she's totally wrong, she'll just sound as crazy as him (and Leviathan is probably way off base, but those things have a way of smelling out people that freaks her out).] And, bee-tee-dubs, I'm the one who does the heartbreaking.
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No, they're these souped-up evil things that... probably don't exist where you're from, or you'd already know about them, so never mind. [At least he doesn't seem like he'll be eating her. She can deal with some omniscience as long as she gets to live.

Charlie shakes his hand, still wary. Names that end in iel usually belongs to angels and, from what she's gathered, angels can be total douchebags.]
For the moment, I'm Charlie Bradbury, Queen of Moons, but you already knew that.
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Less Bible, more like all of the fun and inevitable fear of failure you get playing Call of Cthulhu without the fun and the playing. Think crunchy evil corporation shell and creamy human-devouring shapeshifter center.

[She leans forward and rests her elbows on the table.]

But that's enough about Leviathans. What's your schtick?
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[Ew. Just ew. The poor righteous.]

You know my name, you're all enigmatic and guru-y. You've got to have a schtick.
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[Then fuck being meek, bro.]

So you're, what? A psychic, trumpet-playing hobo? [That sounds relatively harmless, but psychic doesn't feel right.] C'mon, really. What are you? Twenty Questions is my least favorite game ever.
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Riiiight. And you remember meeting me before I was born.


I don't need to see your identification. You're definitely not the droid I'm looking for. But how did we meet?
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Is that He with a capital H? Like God He? Morgan Freeman He?

[She doesn't know what to think. Dismissing him as crazy would've been a lot easier before she met the Winchesters.]

I'm not big into God, bit I do recall Gabriel being one of the important angels. I know some guys who met him, actually. He died... y'know, in that universe.
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Dude, are you for real?

[How can he not know who Morgan Freeman is? He's obviously not right in the head.]

You really are nuts.
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Hey Gabe? It's Dulcie. You don't think you could give me a little tiny bit of a hand maybe?
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I kind of maybe need a ride.

And possibly medical attention.

It's a long story.

I'll owe you one?