20:40[personal profile] admirablewoman

Life's true gift is the capacity to enjoy enjoyment...

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20:43[personal profile] amarthiel

To stand on both sides of a war...

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20:46[personal profile] argent_honor

The Light cares little for the judgments of men

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20:49[personal profile] as_damaged

I hate sports metaphors.

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20:53[personal profile] call_me_spooky

Oh, I changed it to 'trust everyone.' Didn't I tell you?

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20:55[personal profile] cold_dry_pieces

You can't be a killer and a hero. It doesn't work that way.

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20:57[personal profile] derangetheworld

Forget the senses.

21:01[personal profile] errant_pastor

Sometimes the answers just crash down from heaven.

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21:03[personal profile] fifty_eggs

So I take pleasure in the details, you know.

21:05[personal profile] had_not_lived

One equal temper of heroic hearts

21:30[personal profile] lone_must_stand

If only there would come a day when you would not turn from me...


21:34[personal profile] mr_phale

And the Angel said, I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down some where

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21:37[personal profile] never_very_good

I'm good at this.

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21:38[personal profile] prettier_eyes

Never meant to be one step down on the podium.

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21:40[personal profile] silk_for_calde

Sallying forth with a wooden sword to conquer the whorl.

21:42[personal profile] some_coercion

I don't think I'm evil or anything.

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21:45[personal profile] team_sociopath

And really, me's all you need.

21:47[personal profile] to_tell_you_all

That is not what I meant at all. That is not it, at all.